Board of Directors: which is tasked with
  •    Advising the Vice – Chancellor of the university with regards to administration and financing of the hospital
  •    Giving advice as to the general policy in patient care, research and teaching
  •    Establishing guidelines and regulations governing the provision of good care and governance
  •    Passing of the annual budget proposal
  •    Supervising the implementation of the regulations of the Faculty Board as regards to research, teaching for the postgraduate students
  •    Ensure maximal use of available resources
  •    Formation of different committees within the hospital to ensure prompt and efficient work within the hospital
  •    Submission of the annual report to the Senate and the Faculty Board
The Board includes: the Vice – Chancellor or his Deputy; Dean Faculty of Medicine; Director General and His Deputy; Secretary General; Heads of all clinical departments; Dean of the FacultyDentistry; Director of PGMSB; Matron of the Hospital; Representative from Faculty of Pharmacy; Ministry of Higher Education Representative; Federal Ministry of Health Representative… and many others including two of the consultants working in the hospital .

Director General: who is appointed by the University Vice-Chancellor, and is tasked with:
  •    Day-to-day running of the hospital in accordance with the guidelines laid by the Board of Directors .
  •    Chairing the various committees established by the Board of Directors .
  •    Submitting annual budgetary proposal .
  •    Submitting annual report .
  •    Performing any duties as ,and when, required by the Board of Directors .