Matron: Mrs. Samia Ahmed Deafalla, B Sc, MBA

Deputy Matron: Mrs. Rashida Saeed, B Sc

In –charge of Training: Mrs.Maysoon A Eltayeb, B Sc


This is by far the biggest department within the hospital in term of number of staff, and indeed, the variety of tasks carried out by them. Currently there are 150   qualified nurses with university degree.

Broadly speaking, here are some of the roles and responsibility of various staff within this burgeoning department



    The hospital nurse director/executive is a registered nurse and is qualified by education and managerial experience, as required by the job description.
    The nurse director is a member of the top management team of the hospital.

    The nurse director attends and actively participates in the top management staff meetings.
    The nurse executive is responsible for determining nursing standards consistent with national nursing standards of practice and their implementation. These standards include at least the following:
    Nurses document directly in the patient’s medical record.

    The nurse director identifies staffing needs and participates in recruiting plans.

    Nurses participate in hospital committees including, but not limited to, the following:
    Quality improvement
    Infection control

    Drug utilization
    Medical records
    There is planned and documented orientation program for new nurses. The plan includes at least the following:


    Organization policies and procedures

    Nursing department policies and procedures

    Individual job description
    Nursing QI program


    Nursing care is an essential part of overall patient care process.



    A documented nursing assessment

    A documented nursing diagnosis

    A documented nursing care plan

    Documentation of nursing interventions and reassessments

    Evaluation of the effectiveness of nursing intervention.

    In conjunction with the leaders of the medical staff, the nursing executive determines the scope of nursing assessment according to national nursing standards.

    The nurse director and other nursing leaders participate with the leader of the governing body, management, and medical staff in the development, ongoing review, and implementation of all relevant hospital plans, programs, and policies.

    The nurse director ensures that schedules assigning jobs to the staff members, according to the overall workload, are completed.

    Nursing assignments are made on the basis of the job description and the evaluation of the individual nurse’s competence.


Some Specialized Nursing Jobs:

A-ICU Nurse:

They are responsible for the care of all the patients that are admitted in the ICU

They have to assist the doctors during emergency procedures that are done in an ICU

The nurses have to keep checking on the patients constantly during their duty as all the patients are in critical condition

The nurses have to look after the life support equipment

They also have to look after the hygiene of the patients

They have to be present with the senior doctors when they make rounds and write down the orders for each patient

They have to administer medicines to the patients as per the doctor's instructions







Soba University Hospital, an affiliate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum, was inaugurated in 1976, with the aim of providing comprehensive teaching and medical services for all the stakeholders. It caters for a wide variety of patient population.
With the expansion in medical care, coupled with ever growing developments in medical education and the rapid pace of technological advances, it was deemed prudent to establish a state-of-the-art centre which combines medical education, training, examination and e-learning facility for all medical professioanls. An ambitious project was launched which resulted in the building of the current facility.


Mission Statement:
"Support and improve the quality of faculty by means of continuing professional development by providing the knowledge and skills to help them attaining outstanding teaching and clinical status. It also aims at providing the student with the opportunity to learn, practise and perfect clinical skills"
There are four major components housed within the centre:
A- Clinical Skills Lab: Is provided with a wide range of manikins which help to augment and consolidate knowledge gained and practice of skills which are integral to successful career in medicine and allied medical professions.


B- E-Learning: this is a purpose- built facility with over 8o computer terminals and full IT back-up. It helps to keep users in touch with this fascinating and novel way of learning, as the profession moves away from the traditional approach.


C- Objective Structured Clinical Examination(OSCE) Halls: These were established following the decision of the Faculty of Medicine Board to adopt this new technique of examination, as it was felt that the old system is eschewed, and riddled with flaws. There are four halls which comprise 60 stations, which help to accommodate large number of candidates and hence shorten the time taken for a successful (and shorter) examination cycle.


D- Continuing Professional Development (CPD): It is the main unit charged with conducting all the training courses, symposia and clinical and medical conferences. As such it has a formidable track record


Courses, Workshops &Symposia
Basic Life Support (BLS)
Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Advanced Life Support Obstetrics (ALSO)
Basic practical Skills Workshop
Clinical Neurology Course
E-Learning Workshop
Advanced Suturing Techniques
Paediatric Cardiology Course
Endoscopy Course


Minimal Invasive Surgery Regional Training Course by FIGO in Gynecology .Runs 3 workshop a year  for candidates from Africa Region .


Accreditation Development& Sustainability Course
Videoconferences ( Anaesthesia ; Obstetrics & Gynaecology.....)
Instructor course
International Medical Education Conferences workshops
MRCS Course
PACES Course
And many more...............................
Recent Accreditations:
The centre has been recognized as accredited centre by The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh(RCSEd) where they conduct Bart B of the MRCS Course and Examination.
The centre is also accredited by the Federation of the Royal Colleges of UK (LONDON; Edinburgh& Glasgow) to conduct the PACES Examination.
The Dental Faculty  of the Royal College of Surgeons or Ireland (RCSI) has also designated the centre for its MFD Examinations
The Centre will endeavour to forge good working relationship with other centers of its type, extending co-operation to them and to other regional and international centers as well. Clearly, the aim is to be a"centre of excellence"
For More Information, contact us on;
Tel: 0155661412
Or visit our website at: http//

                              Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The hospital is run by:


I-Board of Directors: which is tasked with


  • Advising the Vice – Chancellor of the university with regards to administration and financing of the hospital
  • Giving advice as to the general policy in patient care, research and teaching
  • Establishing guidelines and regulations governing the provision of good care and governance
  • Passing of the annual budget proposal
  • Supervising the implementation of the regulations of the Faculty Board as regards to research, teaching for the postgraduate students
  • Ensure maximal use of available resources
  • Formation of different committees within the hospital to ensure prompt and efficient work within the hospital
  • Submission of the annual report to the Senate and the Faculty Board


The Board includes: the Vice – Chancellor or his Deputy; Dean Faculty of Medicine; Director General and His Deputy; Secretary General; Heads of all clinical departments; Dean of the FacultyDentistry; Director of PGMSB; Matron of the Hospital; Representative from Faculty of Pharmacy; Ministry of Higher Education Representative; Federal Ministry of Health Representative… and many others including two of the consultants working in the hospital


II-Director General: who is appointed by the University Vice-Chancellor, and is tasked with:


  • Day-to-day running of the hospital in accordance with the guidelines laid by the Board of Directors
  • Chairing the various committees established by the Board of Directors
  • Submitting annual budgetary proposal
  • Submitting annual report
  • Performing any duties as ,and when, required by the Board of Directors




  • Current Director General: Mr Sulieman Hussein, MD., Associate Professor of surgery and consultant colorectal surgeon


III-Deputy Director General: who is tasked with helping the Director General in his duties and deputizing for him as and when needed










IV- Secretary General:




Dr. Saifeldden Saeed Ataelmanan,PhD, tasked with the smooth administrative running of the various sections and departments within the hospital as well as any task delegated to him

Soba University Hospital

This hospital laws established in 1975 as the main training hub for the medical students, Post-graduate students; Nursing College students; Medical Laboratory Sciences students; and other allied health professions students.
Aims & Objectives:

  •  Provision of high- calibre medical services, within reasonable resources and conducive enviroment
  • To be at the forefront of medical care in the country
  • To develop and promote the skills of its staff through continuing professional development.
  • To promote research and development in the medical field
  • Training of medical students and other allied health profession students

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