This is a six bed cardiac telemetry unit. Funding was raised in hounor of the late Dr. Susan Satti who died in the States of cancer.Telemetry or Telemonitoring is the ability to remotely and continuously monitor the heart rate and ECG changes of a group of patients by a single nurse with wireless technology.  This is routinely available in modern hospitals worldwide.

Susan Satti’s 5 bedded Telemetry Unit in Soba University Hospital is the first of it’s kind in Sudan in both the public and private sectors.

This technology allows Soba University Hospital to:

1-   Safely monitor high risk patient (life threatening arrhythmias) who do not require intensive or high dependancy care

2-   Reduce costs by reducing the number of monitoring nursing staff (1 nurse/technician monitors 5-12 patients instead of 1:1 to nursing)

3-   Extend telemetry beyond the unit to other parts of the hospital from the same console.

4-   Improve patient experience and outcomes by early ambulation (wireless monitoring allows freedom of patient movement)

5-   Provide real life training of nursing staff and residents

6-   Safely administer cardiotoxic medications that require ECG monitoring without the need for ICU admission e.g. Sodium Stibogluconate for the treatment of Visceral Leishmaniasis (aka Kala-azar)

From this station a nurse can monitor up to 12 patients. The software has a system that alerts the nurse if any arrhythmias occur

Telemetry Box (attached to patient)
A pocket sized box that has a 30 meter radius from the wireless antenna, also equipped with a panic button for rapid response from the nurses

Additional components of the unit

    5 Hospital Beds & associated furniture
    Defibrillator/ External Pacer
    syringe/infusion pumps
    ECG Machine
    Crash/Emergency Cart

Financial Aspects
A Sudanese Community Achievement

The total cost of the unit exceeded 250,000 SDG (or ~ $26,000)

ALL of the money was raised by Susan Satti Family & Friends & Sadagaat Charity Association WITHOUT resorting to ANY funds from Governmental or Foreign Donor Agencies.