This center was established in memory of the Late (Eng) M A Elhabib by a generous donation from his family. Currently it is staffed by 4 consultants in the field of fetal medicine. Services include
- US scan for pregnant ladies
- Detection of foetal abnormalities during pregnancy
- Management of high-risk pregnancies including multiple pregnancies and medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, renal disease.....encountered during pregnancy
- Amniocentesis: where they take a sample of the fluid which bathes the unborn kid
- Intra-uterine foetal transfusion (with blood)
The centre has:
- Two rooms for ultrasound scanning
- One room for foetal heart monitoring or CTG
- A large auditorium with a seating capacity of 160.
- Electronic library
    Consultants office
    Reception and secretariat
It has also the facility for teleconferencing


Total bed capacity: 76