Radiologists: -
  1. Dr. Osman Abdelwahab,DMRD-Head Department
  2. Dr. Najwa Ali Dongola, MD, FRCR
  3. Dr. Hashim Elnaeim, MD
  4. Dr.Al rayah Mohamed Mustafa,MD
  5. Dr. Musatafa Jadaalah,MD
  6. Dr.Elfadil A Taha, MD
The department provides the following services
  1. Conventional radiography
  2. Contrast Investigations using fluoroscopy (Barium studies,urology investigations ,biliary system,ERCP,T-tube,PTC)
  3. Ultra-sound Scans (USS)
  4. Computerized Tomography (CT)
  5. Echocardiography
  6. Mammography
  7. Ultra-Sound-guided biopsies and drainage.
  8. CT guided biopsies and drainage.
  9. Provision of x-ray services in the operating theatres; ICU; SCAPU and other wards (outpatients follow up clinics).


• The department has a complement of 15 highly trained radiotechnologists plus auxiliary nursing staff supervised by super intendant Al-Mahdi Ibrahim Omer .MSC.DR
Medical Secretary
Medical Records staff (Statistics)