Chief Phamacist: Dr. Hamza A Elamin, B Pharma

Clinical Pharmacists:

Dr Sami A Eltahir, M Sc

Dr. Hawa A Abdalla, M Sc

Dr. Anwar O Bakri, MSc

Other Pharmacists;

Dr. AbdulhalimElmuhtadi, B Pharma

Dr. Rasha Mohamed Awad, BPharma

Dr. Wafa Ali, BPharma

In addition,there are 8 pharmacy assistants

The clinical pharmacists attend the various clinical rounds conducted by the clinical departments .

    The pharmacy also runs the ‘Drug Information Centre (DIC) which is tasked with providing accurate and up-to-date information related to the various medications in use hospital-wide.
    It has also submitted a proposal for the establishment of a dedicated Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) service.
    It has also submitted a proposal for the establishment and upgrading of the ‘crash trolley’
    It is also an integral part of the ‘Infection Control Team’ and is responsible for the preparation of the various types of antiseptic and detergents

Within the department there is the ‘Drug & Therapeutic Committee’ which is responsible for the policy of procurement of medications to the hospital

The department carries regular teaching seminars for the teaching of house officers, medical officers and those who are doing their ‘National Service’ duty.

There is strong desire to establish another main pharmacy unit within the hospital to cater for the increasing demands of its services

N.B: There is a low-cost pharmacy located near to the OPD. It offers medications at a reasonably- low prices compared to the market prices