This ,undoubtedly, is the first of its kind in the Sudan. Its existence is due to a charitable donation form a Qatari philanthropist. It started haemodialysis on 26/12/2004 and Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CPAD) in June 2010; kidney transplant for kids started on 19/05/2010

            It is the host of Sudan National Progamme for Peritoneal Dialysis

            It also hosts the Institute of Nephrology and Urology

            Recently it has been recognized as a regional training centre for peritoneal dialysis by the ISPD

The number of outpatient clinics is twice- per-week. The number seen in the clinics has risen from 270 in 2005 to 562 by the end of August 2009

This also mirrors the number of children who underwent kidney transplant, as well as those with:

    acute renal injury;
    kids with chronic kidney diseases;
    those on CAPD as well as the:
    rise in the number of kidney biopsies; from 55 in 2004 to 281 in August 2009

Work in the Centre is a multimodal one with input from: paediatricnephrologis; paediatric surgeons; transplant surgeons; pathologists; psychologists; play therapists; specialist nurses; teachers ; dieticians; social workers; volunteers, as well as resident Medical Officers(RMOs)

Currently, the Centre has the following sections:

        General ward

        Surgical ward

        Pre-dialysis clinic

        Haemodialysis clinic

        CAPD clinic

        Transplant clinics

The Centre has a well- constructed plan for training of all its staff whether medical of nursing staff : locally, regionally or in the UK.

The Centre has contributed to the training of healthcare professions from other districts within the country

It carries out regular workshops and conferences

Research profile of the Centre includes:

    Chronic renal failure (CRF)
    Acute renal failure
    Pattern of gloerulonephritis(GN)in the Sudan
    Hyperlipidaemia in children with CRF
    Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in Sudanese children
    And many other research projects