This is a new addition to the hospital, and as such it filled an important niche in hospital services both for the employees and suburs
Lead Clinician: Dr Salah Mahmoud, MB, BS
Currently the unit is run by 5 medical officers (SHO ) grade plus a dentist
It is staffed by 2 Sisters and 3 Nurse Aids
It has a number of important sections:
  Maternal & Child Health; which provides ante-natal care of the pregnant ladies, including ultra-sound scans. It also provides full contraception service
  General clinic
  Dental clinic
  Lab services
  Ultra-sound service
The catchment area for the work of the unit is wide, and as such, ill- defined. It caters for all the residents of the surrounding areas, plus the hospital workers
Recently, the unit was asked to run a new health centre which was built by Khartoum State Ministry of Hwealth at Soba Ellaoata area
Future Plans:
  Establishment of full infrastructure to accommodate the increasing number of patients
  Teaching & training facilities within the new unit
  The unit to be incorporated into the IT services of the hospital, especially regarding patient records
  Provision of dedicated health educators and Health Visitors
  Plans to ensure that the staff recruited to be 'family planning –oriented'


1- (4) Medical Officers
2- (3) Sisters
3- (9) nurses
• Other activities run by the PHC are
1. The short stay room with two beds.
2. Statistician for collecting data and monthly reports
3. A well baby of all children below 5 years.
4. Ultra sound service for pregnant ladies only.