Matron: Mrs. Samia Ahmed Deafalla, B Sc, MBA

Deputy Matron: Mrs. Rashida Saeed, B Sc

In –charge of Training: Mrs.Maysoon A Eltayeb, B Sc


This is by far the biggest department within the hospital in term of number of staff, and indeed, the variety of tasks carried out by them. Currently there are 150   qualified nurses with university degree.

Broadly speaking, here are some of the roles and responsibility of various staff within this burgeoning department



    The hospital nurse director/executive is a registered nurse and is qualified by education and managerial experience, as required by the job description.
    The nurse director is a member of the top management team of the hospital.

    The nurse director attends and actively participates in the top management staff meetings.
    The nurse executive is responsible for determining nursing standards consistent with national nursing standards of practice and their implementation. These standards include at least the following:
    Nurses document directly in the patient’s medical record.

    The nurse director identifies staffing needs and participates in recruiting plans.

    Nurses participate in hospital committees including, but not limited to, the following:
    Quality improvement
    Infection control

    Drug utilization
    Medical records
    There is planned and documented orientation program for new nurses. The plan includes at least the following:


    Organization policies and procedures

    Nursing department policies and procedures

    Individual job description
    Nursing QI program


    Nursing care is an essential part of overall patient care process.



    A documented nursing assessment

    A documented nursing diagnosis

    A documented nursing care plan

    Documentation of nursing interventions and reassessments

    Evaluation of the effectiveness of nursing intervention.

    In conjunction with the leaders of the medical staff, the nursing executive determines the scope of nursing assessment according to national nursing standards.

    The nurse director and other nursing leaders participate with the leader of the governing body, management, and medical staff in the development, ongoing review, and implementation of all relevant hospital plans, programs, and policies.

    The nurse director ensures that schedules assigning jobs to the staff members, according to the overall workload, are completed.

    Nursing assignments are made on the basis of the job description and the evaluation of the individual nurse’s competence.


Some Specialized Nursing Jobs:

A-ICU Nurse:

They are responsible for the care of all the patients that are admitted in the ICU

They have to assist the doctors during emergency procedures that are done in an ICU

The nurses have to keep checking on the patients constantly during their duty as all the patients are in critical condition

The nurses have to look after the life support equipment

They also have to look after the hygiene of the patients

They have to be present with the senior doctors when they make rounds and write down the orders for each patient

They have to administer medicines to the patients as per the doctor's instructions